Sportswear chic!

Sportswear chic

It’s been a long time that I want to write this article. Here we go! First of all, I’ve decided to touch this because it’s the first thing to have to get motivated.
Motivation is the hardest and toughest thing to get but when you finally find it, there’s nothing better than to reach your objective(s). There’s nothing better than seeing your progress day by day. The more you see your progress, the more you’ll be motivated. I often say that the motivation grows with your progress.

So to make you understand everything, I’m going to tell you my story. During four years, I was probably the laziest girl on earth. I was always telling to myself « Go on, you’re going to loose 4 kilos by going to the gym twice a week… ». Up to there, everything was fine. Resolutions were good. But it is completely useless to take resolutions without acting just after. It’s just like the smooth talkers girls have all met. Good speech but no action.

One day, I was in a Nike store and seeing their flashy outfits gave me an idea that I hope I’ll never give up : the BBG (Bikini Body Guide). I bought good sports outfits to look good when I’ll be doing my sport. That silly idea works every day. I now take care of myself. I do not eat junk food anymore and I’m sticking to my sport plan.

So to get a good outfit, you need to have sports bra.
Why? It is the most vital piece of exercice equipment of all. Going without it can cause you breast pain. Doing some sport or even running without any bra at all causes problems. Sports bra help to reduce the per cent of bad impacts.

You will also need good shoes or runnings.
Why? It is the second most vital piece of exercice equipment. Obviously I know that you’ll not go out without your shoes. That’s why I wrote « GOOD » shoes. Running without shoes that are made for that or specialized for sport will also cause you problems. (mainly your back)

GO ON girls! Don’t hesitate to share with us your outfits!







Already a year! I can’t believe it. I’ve not been there very often I agree but things are going to change. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see that I post 3 or 4 pictures a day. I’m more motivated than ever.
I would like to thank you for your support. I don’t have many followers but the few I’ve got are supporting me by liking my articles and what I have on Instagram.

My Instagram profile is on this link : Instagram account : Natslifestyle ! Have a look at it and don’t hesitate to comment and ask whatever you want.

I would like to thank you again and again. Next article coming-up tonight : Sportswear chic! Stay tuned 😉

Love xx




Sport & Food : How to get a (nearly) perfect body!

No lie to ourselves, if we are trying everything possible to look thiner or stronger, it’s just because we want to be as perfect as possible (even if so-called, perfection doesn’t exist).
Be that as it may, it requires a long training. If you want to look like a model, you must not start your diet three days before summer. If you wish to have a lasting impact on your body, the real work starts right now. Perhaps some of you think they have a lot of time but that is actually not the case.

As I often repeat, to get successful results, we require a long and meticulous work. This also works well for your written works. The more you write, the more your things are made in advance, the more you’ll succeed. The only way forward is to prepare things before.

At one time, I have to admit, I wasn’t doing things properly. Admittedly, I was the kind of “last-minute” girl, always doing my work the eve and then I thought it was regrettable. For example before taking my exams, it so happened that I was crying due to my anxiety. This feeling was emerging only because I knew I had not well revised. Everything I’ve just said is exactly the same for your body. If you want to have the “perfect” body, you should not rush it because speeding up the process will only create irregularities and not good results.

That’s why, I am therefore very happy to write this article. I’m here for the purpose of advising you. Telling you what’s good for your body or not will only help you.

As I want to take time, I’ve started the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) of Kayla Itsines two weeks ago and I’m already seeing some differences. Good ones obviously. I look forward to making an article on this so that you know what it is exactly.

For the moment, I’m just going to give you all the advices you need to reach your goal, to maintain a healthy mind and body.

1. First of all and evidently, we have to stop kidding ourselves by saying that you can loose some weight by eating everything. NO you CAN NOT eat everything. You can only eat HEALTHY things most of the time. (Proteins, veggies, starches). However, you must not say “NO” to your body when he needs a sugar refinery. Taking away what your body wants will only create frustration and depression. So, take what you want in SMALL quantities. (For example : a piece of chocolate, dark chocolate preferably). Say bye to junk food and soft drinks! Welcome to the water and a healthy eating!

2. As you might guess and this is not optional, you’ll have to do some sport depending on your level. What’s good in the BBG is that it’s accessible to all levels. At the beginning, it might hurt a bit but you’ll get used to it. (3 times a week a workout for the legs, arms, abs.. and 2 times a week cardio).

3. By now, I’m going to talk about advices for your mental. Before doing a workout or cardio, your mental needs to be prepared and ready. Therefore, agree on realistic goals. Don’t tell you “I’m going to loose 30 kilos (around 70 pounds) in a month!”, nothing more useless.

4. The forthcoming advice may seem quirky but buy yourself new clothes for the sport. It does help a lot. You feel “sexier” and having a good sport bra and sport trousers encourage you to workout. I will quite soon write an article on the different outfits for the sport. (price low to high so that everyone can buy a good sport outfit)

5. Take care of yourself. By taking care of yourself, I mean take care of your skin or whatever you want. By this I mean to say that it will help your mental to feel good. Mental force is the most important point. It will help you not to give up at any time.

I hope I did help you! Don’t forget that we are all able to do it. It only depends on your will! Soon, you’ll find out about the different things on the BBG and different good outfits.






Chicken & veggies


Muesli with chocolate, toast peanut butter & bananas, coconut water



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