Eczéma : entre souffrance et douleur quotidienne (Français)

Aujourd’hui, je me rends compte que les gens autour de soi ont toujours tendance à dire que leur vie est plus merdique que la tienne, que leurs problèmes sont plus importants que les tiens. J’ai l’impression tous les jours de vivre dans une compétition « A celui qui a la vie la plus merdique » ou « Celui qui est le plus à plaindre ». Les gens vont savoir que tu souffres mais pour eux, ce que tu traverses n’est rien « comparé » à eux. Continue reading “Eczéma : entre souffrance et douleur quotidienne (Français)”

Sportswear chic!

Sportswear chic

It’s been a long time that I want to write this article. Here we go! First of all, I’ve decided to touch this because it’s the first thing to have to get motivated.
Motivation is the hardest and toughest thing to get but when you finally find it, there’s nothing better than to reach your objective(s). There’s nothing better than seeing your progress day by day. The more you see your progress, the more you’ll be motivated. I often say that the motivation grows with your progress.

So to make you understand everything, I’m going to tell you my story. During four years, I was probably the laziest girl on earth. I was always telling to myself « Go on, you’re going to loose 4 kilos by going to the gym twice a week… ». Up to there, everything was fine. Resolutions were good. But it is completely useless to take resolutions without acting just after. It’s just like the smooth talkers girls have all met. Good speech but no action.

One day, I was in a Nike store and seeing their flashy outfits gave me an idea that I hope I’ll never give up : the BBG (Bikini Body Guide). I bought good sports outfits to look good when I’ll be doing my sport. That silly idea works every day. I now take care of myself. I do not eat junk food anymore and I’m sticking to my sport plan.

So to get a good outfit, you need to have sports bra.
Why? It is the most vital piece of exercice equipment of all. Going without it can cause you breast pain. Doing some sport or even running without any bra at all causes problems. Sports bra help to reduce the per cent of bad impacts.

You will also need good shoes or runnings.
Why? It is the second most vital piece of exercice equipment. Obviously I know that you’ll not go out without your shoes. That’s why I wrote « GOOD » shoes. Running without shoes that are made for that or specialized for sport will also cause you problems. (mainly your back)

GO ON girls! Don’t hesitate to share with us your outfits!






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