A bit more about me, GP Week-end in Monaco x SheIn

Hey my loves,

I’m finally in summer vacation for three months. I’ve never waited that long. I’m facing a hard time… Have you ever been in that kind of situation where you don’t know where you’re going, when you don’t know what you’ll be doing the following year.. ? I don’t know if either I’ll be continuing my studies or will take time for myself.

A long time ago, I would have said that my personal interest for blogging will not be my priority, at least as long as I have my studies to complete. But now, all I really want is to finally think about myself. Only about myself. I’ve never been selfish and I will never be. I just want to feel better, to find my own path. The path that would allow me to express myself as a human being.

I’m lucky, I’ve always been well surrounded by a great family and good friends who are trying their best to support me. They all know how much I love taking pictures, how much writing is my passion. I’m starting to realize that working in an office might not be something suitable. If you follow me on Instagram, if you starting to get to know me, you might probably know that I’m always moving around, always hyperactive or impulsive from time to time. Anyway… I needed to express my feelings, to find answers to my lost cause… If anyone could help, feel free to send me a DM or share with me your experience !

However, it is now time to tell you the GOOD things in my life. There’s always good. Especially when you’re coming back home with your family.

As each year, the Grand Prix in Monaco is my favorite period of the year. Lots of love, lots of parties, rosé & champagne. We definitely spend the best time ever there and we meet great people who are always looking for the funniest moments.
As a « party animal » (hahaha), I love being well dressed for beach parties and I’ve once again chosen SheIn for my outfits. Have a look at all my nice outfits.

Feel free to comment and to tell me if you like it or not !

All the links for each item are below the picture ! You just have to click on the link in the caption ! 

Thanks for reading me









2 comments on “A bit more about me, GP Week-end in Monaco x SheIn

  1. Enjoy your vacation! Btw, I love your blue dress so much, it’s beautiful!

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Thank you so much ! It is one of my favvv’


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