Chic VS Comfy x SheIn [English]

Hi everyone,

[I know it’s been so long ! I apologize for not having posted anything for a long time… I like talking to you, I like reading your comments and I absolutely love answering you on my Instagram. I’ve never felt that loved. Your comments are always the cutest. However, if you’re all also working on Instagram, you must have noticed that the algorithm has changed again… Therefore, I don’t know why, my posts were not visible. Many people who usually follow me everyday were sending me DM such as « I follow you and I don’t understand why but I never see your pictures on my news feed ». That makes me feel so bad. I know there are things much more important but, contrary to what many people think or even say, Instagram is a lot of work. Taking shots every day of our outfits, preparing the best feed possible, answering to all the questions… is a WORK ! It takes time. I suppose that, like everyone, we like when our work pays off ! Anyways, enough said… I wanted to tell you the truth, these things were contributing to very low morale… I know I’m not the only one in this situation. I just want to tell to every single person who puts a lot of effort into Instagram, keep going on ! I still believe that all the work you put into this might pay off someday].

If you’ve been reading me for quite a long time, you know I love ordering stuff from SheIn website. Their clothes are not expensive at all, they do great things. That’s why I wanted to share with you two very different sets I’ve been trying. All I wanted to show you is that you can order either a very classy piece or a very comfy one. SheIn website does both equally well !

So here’s some pictures of my shootings. I hope you will like them both ! The link of each set is written below :



Hope you liked both, don’t forget to suscribe to my Instagram page : @natachapeyret

Love xx





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