The best outfit for a date ?

Hi guys,

I’m coming back with a very special article but with one I really wanted to write especially because it’s been ages that I’m single (hahaha) ! “I’m a single lady, I’m a single lady”…

My mother always says “Don’t rush or force things” so for once, I’m going to listen to her advice ! Anyways, who cares ? What is important to you is how you could dress up for a date !

Capture d’écran 2016-11-05 à 17.25.14.png
Trying to open a bottle of champagne… Hard job !

Even if I’m in a relationship with loneliness, I think I can give you the best advices ever because I’ve been looking for my charming prince since I was born so I have had time preparing my outfit… Let us stop wasting our time and let’s get into the substance !

Girls, we have all at least once in our life been anxious because we had no idea how to dress up for “the moment”, the special one… THE date ! Deciding what to wear might be the most difficult choice ever at that point. Several steps are needed !

A date means you will want him to be amazed by your beauty, by your elegance. You will want to be making the perfect impression. Before talking about the outfit… I hope your date will find the perfect location and setting because if he’s a gentleman, that’s his job ! Speaking at least for myself, I believe that there’s no better places than a cozy apartment or a nice restaurant with a view. By the way, candles are required, it’s even mandatory guys !

Enough said about the location… I hope you will get satisfied with yours, fingers crossed ! Let’s talk about the outfit.

First of all, contrary to what the majority think, being very or “too sexy” might not be a good idea. In most of the cases, the sexiness is transformed into vulgarity. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to look sexy ! Not at all. You can be sexy and elegant at the same time and that’s what I’m going to show you. I want you to show you to your best advantage, to be you and only you and to be as simple as possible while being sexy.
So, don’t be either over-dressed or under-dressed. Yes because I was talking about being under-dressed while mentioning “being too sexy” but I think that wearing a scarf, a coat and a turtleneck jumper won’t help either… The key is finding the perfect balance !

Me wearing a nude lace bra from LittleWomenLingerie

As I want to do things well, I’m going to start by something really important that sometimes girls underestimate : intimates ! Therefore, we must concentrate and not overlook any details. It seems to me that wearing single and neutral colors is way better than flashy colors. Flashy is not elegant at all. Concerning the bra, I would opt for a black or a nude bralette or for a lace set. There’s nothing more fashionable at this point in time. Thus, the panties will have to coordinate and match with the bra.

Lingerie sets from : Adore Me

For the rest, I would opt for a one piece : either a dress or a jumpsuit. As red represents the elegance and the romance, I would definitely choose this color without any hesitation. Concerning the jumpsuit, I’m thinking of wearing one that slightly moulds to the body. This is what matches the most with sexiness and elegance, it does reveal a bit of your body but not too much. Otherwise, if you prefer wearing a dress instead of a jumpsuit, I would definitely choose one that shows you to your best advantage. For those who have long legs, a dress that suits you is normally knee-length. You have to show your legs but not too much. For the shoes, heels are mandatory no matter how tall you are. I would definitely opt for red ones or black ones.

Pictures from : WeHeartIt


Do not forget the bag and the accessories because you shall remember that we do not overlook any details !

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