Preparing for the upcoming school year !

Hey guys !

Isn’t it a good idea to talk about school ? I know you’ve all missed that so much ! (So much cruel irony…)
Although we all prefer being on vacation instead, we have to prepare this return to school… Some of you might go back to university, some others to high school, some others to work… To be honest, my eczema is back (for those who know that I suffer from eczema).. I don’t know if my anxiety is associated with returning to work.. Whatever ! Work is calling…

Everything should be prepared before because as soon as september starts, the weather changes ! As we all know, fall is fast approaching… Despite the cold, we will all keep our smiles on our faces so that we don’t have our moral down ! To not feel lonely, sad and cold, here are some advices !


I have to admit, I’m still buying summer clothes but I’m not ONLY buying summer clothes, I’m also preparing my return to university.. Strange but I prefer being farsighted. As we say « prevention is better than cure » !
So to find really lovely clothes, go back to my previous post where I shared all my favorite fashion websites. Just after I had also discovered MissGuided. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect outfit(s) !

Here’s an idea of how I’ll be dressed ! (Don’t forget, I live in South of France, it will still be warm)

Top : H&M / Short : Pull & Bear / Shoes : Luciano Barachini


I’ve been doing the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) for a long time but I kind of gave up because of my eczema skin issues. I’m trying to cure it with a new treatment (I will do a post concerning my treatment for those who are interested in curing their eczema) so I’m starting all over again !
Twice or three times a week, I have my abs, legs & arms & cardio trainings !
You MUST take care of your body, your skin etc… I think that nowadays, we should all take care of our health. Life is so precious !
I will do a post about my sport routine as soon as I start again (middle of September)


What about buying new make-up ? I will make another post to share with you some ideas of how to look natural for your school start ! (Check on my Instagram, I might also give some advices there)

I wish you all the best for this year !

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