How to cure eczema ?

Hey guys !

It’s been a while that I’m thinking about writing an article about this severe skin problem. I’ve already written something about it when I started my blog but I don’t believe this article was sufficient.

After a long talk with a friend, she made me realize that I was simply not doing the good things on my Instagram account and my blog. Well, being a fashionblogger is a dream, it is what I’ve always wanted to do so I’ll continue of course. But, I need to improve it, I need to share something else with you guys. So as I am a long-time eczema sufferer, an idea came into my mind which was to found a community concerning this disease. I want me and others to help one another. I know that I suffer severe skin problems due to my genes but that’s not the only reason. I’ve tried several times to find out what could possibly be THE reason. I’ve already found some reasons but not all of them.

So, you, people that do have the same disease, that do have eczema, what about helping one another by sharing the things that work on your skin and the ones that do not ?

For the ones interested in collaborating, for the ones who do believe that we can help one another, do not hesitate, comment on this post. I will do another article today or tomorrow on the things that I’ve already tested. It will be like a review.

Lots of love ! xx




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