Cheers to a great summer !

Hey guys !

I haven’t posted anything for ages because I invest three-quarters of my time in other projects such as photography and fashion. I think it is much better to write something when you have much more content to share. That’s why I’m back !
I would have preferred to write something sooner but as I said in my previous post, you can follow me on my public instagram account (@natachaslifestyle). You will be able to see what I’ve been doing  during these last months ! I’ve been to Rotterdam again, St-Tropez… Well, I let you discover it yourself !

I bought many many things for the summer and that’s what I’ll be showing in this post.
For a very long time, I was buying all my stuff in stores because I didn’t trust anything over the Internet. My vision of things has totally changed… Well, I bet you’ve guessed it…

My favorite website of the moment would be Missguided. So much stuff you can’t find anywhere else ! But I also love Sheinside,there’s nothing cheaper but fashionable than this brand and Lookbookstore (@lookbookstoredaily on Instagram).

Here are some pictures of the last days with my beautiful new outfits.

Swimwear : Zara
Swimwear : MissGuided
Swimwear : MissGuided
Swimwear : MissGuided
Dress : MissGuided

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