Back to work ! (Instagram)

Hey everyone!
These last weeks have not been very easy for me. I would have loved to come back to work earlier because writing articles is truly a pleasure. Be that as it may, I’m back for real and I feel ready to share my advices with you guys.

As it is said in “All about myself”, I’m French. (and for those who didn’t read this section, you know it right now!). For a long time I have not spoken English so you might find some mistakes in my writings. So, I apologize for that.

I will do everything possible and my very best to provide as much as information as I possibly can. I will also start to read English books again to express myself in this language as previously. I have the feeling that I’ve lost a part of my vocabulary.

Anyways, I have a new Instagram account which is “natslifestyle” if you want to visit it. I will as soon as I can (may be straightaway) put the link on the blog so that you can have a look at it. Many things have changed in my life. Well, I still live in the same places (South of France between Aix and Monaco) but I’ve taken a lot of new resolutions concerning my health. (Healthy food, sport…).

If some of you want to talk to me, I’m available and approachable for you. My Email address has not changed :
You can also write a comment on my articles and you’ll have an answer very quickly.

Thank you everyone!

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