Hello guys!
I hope you have noticed my big efforts of trying to be there as soon as possible! Well, I don’t really call this « efforts » because it’s a huge privilege and an increasing happiness to be able to do this!
By the way, if some of you would like to do the same, don’t hesitate a second longer! It’s time to do it…
When I decided to finally make this leap, I was constantly on my blog and a part of myself changed! (in a good way obviously!)

Well, let us talk about Amsterdam! I don’t know if you guys remember but I’ve been to Amsterdam twice this year. Still today, I have the feeling to see this city with amazed eyes. It’s a place with charming things and very unique style.
I went two weeks in the Netherlands in May with my best friend. As we had time, we’ve been able to do so many things. An idea? If I tell you… Sun, spring, colorful, nature?… KEUKENHOF! In the springtime you can cycle around the bulb fields here and enjoy the Keukenhof’s spring gardens. There are the most spectacular gardens you could see in your whole life! (And I’m really serious) It was a thoroughly beautiful daytrip and a feast for my eyes!

We also spent a day in The Hague! I don’t have that much pictures there but it was a cozy place! Side streets with small shops… I loved it!

As usual, here are some pictures!  (so that you can learn what to expect if you want to travel there)

Love you x

IMG_1356 IMG_1360

IMG_1187 IMG_1186KEUKENHOFIMG_1203 IMG_1108IMG_1122 IMG_1319 IMG_1115 IMG_1113 IMG_1119

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