The come back…

I’m not sure how to tell you how sorry I am for not having been there during these 7 seven months. My apologies for not having been paying enough attention to all the people who were supportive.
From now, I’ll try to do my best to share with you all the things I’m doing and also what I’ve been doing during this time.

In April, as soon as I finished my exams, I went to Paris with my favorite cousin. It was her birthday present and I think she was pretty satisfied about this wonderful week-end. For me, it was one of the best ones I could have. A generous sun mitigated the fresh weather of Paris. I will explain everything to you in another article.

For my come-back, I didn’t know how to take things in hand again so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve finally decided to write an article for each and every trip I did this summer.

I will post tonight the first one about Paris and may be a second one concerning… Amsterdam & Rotterdam again.
I hope to see you all again… So sorry again.

Love you! xoxo

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