« Paris est une fête »

Good evening guys,

I am really sorry again… I’ll probably do apologize all the week. Even if a sense of boundless happiness invades my whole body, I have to admit that I feel completely lost with my own blog. Well… enough stupidities have been said, let’s talk about Paris… 
As a Frenchwoman, pride and honor are the two words that come through my mind when I talk or hear people talking about Paris. What a lovely city! Please guys, even if you’re not French, admit it gracefully that you’re also in love with Paris as much as I am! 😉

Doing a travel like this is likely the best thing to do for a couple. However, I had decided to exclude the « romantic side » of Paris because… how to say this… my boyfriend is inexistent. (still waiting for the good one… If there are any specific proposals, do not hesitate to contact me!.. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my fashion blog is becoming an online dating site!)

Well, let’s get serious! I spent a week-end in Paris with my favorite cousin and we had the best time ever! We had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Eiffel Tower as french tourists and then strolling through the streets.

The pictures will tell you about it.

Love you! xx

IMG_4548 IMG_4675 IMG_4610 IMG_4497 IMG_0174 IMG_0282 IMG_4380 IMG_0483 IMG_0516 IMG_0437 IMG_0386

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