Beauty essentials of March

Good evening my loves!
The last few days were pretty cool I must say even if the weather was really rainy. It feels like this is perfect when you’re tired and need to rest. I’m always so busy and I’ve stayed awake almost 16/18 hours per day this week.
Thanks God, makeup exists during these moments of exhaustion. During all that time, all I was looking for were good concealers and a cleansing care product that work without over-stripping my skin.
So as you can well imagine, I’m going to share with you my new favorite discoveries that will be my essentials of the month.

I love trying new things and that’s why I often change my makeup. It is true that most of the time, girls love using the same products, it’s like life-long habits. Whenever we find out what could possibly respond to our requirements, it is as we’ve just signed a contract of faith! Though, I finally changed my « old » habits as people around me were telling me to try things. That gave me the opportunity to know better things. Yes, I have to admit, I don’t always make the best choices haha.

My advice: Try new things girls. You can go back to your previous product if you dislike using another one and that it is not worth it.

This foundation is definitely one of the best. It is made by bareMinerals leaving no residue. This brush is also from the brand. I think this is the best thing to apply when you’re tired because you don’t need to put layers of foundation to not look like an exhausted monster!
As my skin is a bit light (especially when I'm tired), I chose the fairly light N10.
As my skin is a bit light (especially when I’m tired), I chose the fairly light N10.
Bioderma is a privately owned French pharmaceutical company that specialises in medication for dermatological conditions. As my skin is uncomfortable and very dry during my eczema period, I need a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin like I said just before. So, if you do have dehydrated skin, I strongly recommend it to you! In this picture, there are also Wake me up foundation from Rimmel and a concealer from L’Oreal. I had used when we could extremely see the dark circles under my eyes. That doesn’t look sexy at all… Good products to hide them!

There you have it, here are the favorite products!

Hope you liked the post!
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Love x


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