Already a month!

Hey guys!

If I had to describe myself right now, I would say that I have my head in the clouds. I’m trying to do everything possible to come back to earth (not that easy though!) 
Over the past few days, I’ve been doing many things again. I spent my whole long week end at home. It was short but I’d rather be with my family than having a long time alone. Moreover, I’m kind of angry against myself… That’s why I said I had my head in the clouds. Forgetting her camera at home is so bad for a blogger! It’s like not going to a big meeting for a business man.

Anyway, I’m back in Aix. I can’t take pictures and it gets me on nerves.. I could take pictures either at home or someplace else… grrr
I had so many ideas to post up.. It doesn’t matter, I will do it next week so that you have a lot more to read!

As the titles says, it has been one month since I’ve decided to follow a dream. I would like to give you a HUGE thanks to all of you guys. I don’t care doing overtime. In fact, I need that additional work. If I could only work for the blog instead of loosing myself in the books, it would be way better. (I did this picture as a way of celebrating the first month!)


So here’s something really interesting. I’m a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks. Most of you might have watched many movies that come from this author. I’ve watched three of them but there are many others. I completely fall in love with his writings. It gives me shivers. I recommend you “At first sight”. Like every romantic girl, I do like reading or watching love stories. If you and I are alike, Nicholas Sparks is made for you. He’s known for his stories that reveal what we call our most prized possession which is love. Indeed, many girls enter in these fictional relationships in the hope of finding one true love.

Love x


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