Holiday destination

Hey guys,
Sorry I’ve been so busy these last three days. The work should take priority over all else. That’s why I needed to work a lot for my exams. (I surely prefer working for the blog but laws were waiting for me hihi)  If you have been following me last week, I mentioned something in the last post about this one. “Identify what soothes and comforts you”; I used this quote as a hint to make you guess the subject of this post.

So here it is “Holiday destination” ! As I worked, I thought perhaps we should talk about holiday destination. I’m back home right now and I need a vacation! I only have a few days to have a rest so I won’t be able to go to the mountains… So sad! Misfortune of having so much work to do…

Fortunately, I have an extended vacation of FOUR months from May to September! So I’m thinking of spending my whole time vacation in the sun, hanging out with friends all the time… I will probably go to Amsterdam and Rotterdam again in May. (almost two weeks!) But this isn’t a sunny destination… So with my best friend we are impatient to find out the perfect destination. It is not yet clear where we want to go. We were thinking of Mykonos. Mykonos Island is considered the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands and one of the most attractive sailing destinations worldwide. We are only eighteen and we are looking for a funny & sunny destination to spend our time tanning and partying! #dreamscometrue

If you have any idea of where we could go, leave a comment! And let me know where you dream about going!

Here are some pictures that make me really dream! (Maldives pictures look so incrediiiibleeee!)

Love x






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