Black&Brown : the essential colors of the season

Hey guys!

I keep my promise which was to share my outfit of yesterday. This is my real first post concerning my outfit because I tried to do things in a professional way by taking my own pictures again. I think I’ll be doing this over and over again! (like may be every time!)
Time flies because I’m already starting the 3rd week of the blog and I’m kind of proud of the work I’m doing. But it wouldn’t be possible without the support you are all giving me everyday. I’ve been many times congratulated by some of you… My heart melted every single time I was reading one of your comments or message on my Instagram account. (By the way, don’t forget to follow me : @mynashionblog)
I hope my blog does the same, my goal is to warm any heart even in this weather and cold temperature… Ladies all know that fashion and beauty are good ways to feel better.
We have to remember that, no matter what, fashion and beauty exist to make us forgetting about any potential problems we may have.

We have now enough seen stupid things from my own speech (hihihi) Let’s talk about my outfit!
As the title says, the colors I used are essential. Why? Because they are both considered by many as a timeless classic! We should have these colors in our wardrobe. In case you wake up a morning without having enough time to choose your clothes, you know what to quickly take in it and how your clothing will look!

So here’s my look! I chose a black leggings which is absolutely amazing and so comfy! Then I decided to stay classic by opting for a tank top and a beautiful cardigan. I really like this kind of design on it. It makes the outfit original and classy. No better way to stay warm and fashionable at the same time during this cold weather!
For the shoes, I chose beige heels from Zara again. I think I’m the reason why their business increases more and more everyday! No, seriously, this brand has amazing things at a reasonable price! For the ones who hesitate putting heels. Pain is generally more severe the morning as your feet are still swollen. But it diminishes during the day. So if you don’t want to go to work with them, bring them in a little plastic bag! Why not?
I’m kind of really tall and I’m still wearing high heels. I don’t care! It makes you much more feminine! In love with heels!


Heels : Zara  Leggings : Zara  Cardigan : Pimkie Watch : Fossil  Silk scarf : Present that comes from Italy (Sorry, I don't have the brand, but I'm IN LOVE with silk scarves)
Heels : Zara
Leggings : Zara
Cardigan : Pimkie
Watch : Fossil
Silk scarf : Present that comes from Italy (Sorry, I don’t have the brand, but I’m IN LOVE with silk scarves)



That’s it for today! I hope you liked itttt

For the ones who are thinking about the next post, I already know the purpose of it. The only advice I can give is : “Identify what soothes and comforts you.”
Try to figure out the inspiration of the post and leave a comment!

I let you guess it!

Love x


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