All about myself (English version)

Hey guys!

Seeing a post called “All about myself” makes the thing superficial.. But that is certainly not the case and the goal of this article. I was just bothered by the lack of information concerning myself. I just think that my readers need to know more about me. (I have to admit that it is so weird to just write something about me but I’ll try to do my very best to ensure that you’re satisfied through my writings).

Where to start? If you don’t already know my name, it’s Natacha. I turned nineteen in September the 13th. I’ve always been in love with everything associated with fashion, beauty and travels. Over the past few months, I’ve developed a huge interest in blogs concerning these topics. That’s why I decided to create my own blog. No matter what people say or think around me, I’ve never felt as happy as I am right now and this is the most important. I feel passionate in what I’m doing and will be doing. My overwhelming desire is to make you appreciate your readings.

Due to my skin problems, I’m used to take care of my skin every single minute. Since the beginning of my blog (two weeks ago), I’ve not posted skin cares yet but I’m making things on this subject. I will post up everything as soon as I can.

Above all things, I’m studying in a law school in Aix-en-Provence (South of France). I’m pretty much interested in what I’m doing. I must tell you a secret about my passionate love for SUITS!

Apart from those things, I live in Monaco. I will always be thankful to my parents and my family to give me that chance. Every single time I went back home, my heart melted. I’ve already posted an article called “Monaco Tour” showing the best places to visit in the country. I’m going back home as soon as I can so if you need to know more about this beautiful and sunny place, leave a comment!

Love x




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  1. What a wonderful post! I only started my blog last month, and for one of the first times in my life, I am actually so happy with what I am doing. It is so refreshing to start your own project, I get a great sense of self-achievement and I hope you do too! xx

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    1. Wow… What a compliment. Very touching! I would like to thank you for this comment. What you’ve just described is completely how I feel. I needed this self-achievement especially because I think that this blog, in many ways, reflects my personality. Thank you again and I wish you the best! xx


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